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Escrow Officer/Signing Agent/ Notary Public
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2015-2016 to join our team
Join our team TR Notary of Texas we are looking for Notaries.
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Notary Public - Mike J. Johnson
Residential Signing: Barbara Johnson
Bilingual translator:  Jennifer Santos
Fort Bend Notary -  Alma J.
Harris County: Carol T.
Mobile Notary after 7:00 pm Central Time -  Allison
Completed  TR Notaries  Training
John C  - New Notary Public 3/2015
Mike T. New Notary Public 3/15
Mitchell B 2/2013
Tyrone T New Notary Public 06/2014
Sandra Mathis  Notary Public -  02/2015
James Santos 11/2015
Samantha Jones 11//2015
Notary Public, Escrow Officer and Signing Agent
Call us at 832-881-6700
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Member of America Association of Notaries since 2004
We are always looking for qualified Signing Agents to add to our database. If you are a qualified signing agent -
Classes are every Saturday seats are limited.
PLACE: Given at the time of register.  
   COST: Based upon Class taken.
A great way to earn extra income.
Fax: 832-553-2793
Call Office: 832-881-6700 or RSVP at notary@mintsofficeservices.com
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 We have 3 locations to service you.
Who Should attend:
Professionals  who needs to earn extra income and maintain and improve self knowledge as well as function
independently as an independent Notary Public.  Notary/Notary Signing Agent
Be come an Mobile Notary and join our Team. 
Thank you in advance  call with any questions.
 Late Night Towing or Wrecking Truck Services.
Notaries are often needed late in the evening or after midnight when a vehicle has been towed. If you are driving a vehicle that is not titled in your name, there will probably be an affidavit for you to sign before you can retrieve the vehicle it's time to call TR Notary of Texas. 
The fee includes the cost of the notarization plus the notary’s mileage and time.
Speeding Ticket Affidavit
Speeding tickets usually require the services of a notary when fines are paid by mail. Mobile notaries are on the road constantly. We understand how speeding tickets happen! Therefore, we provide mobile notary services within the Fort Bend county. 
If you have another document to notarize at your speeding ticket affidavit appointment, we will throw that one in for free!
                    (Please have cash or check available). or pay online.
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    * I am an independent contractor,  after taking the class I will assist you in applying  for your Notary Seal.
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    Mobile Notary Service, Texas Mobile Notary Public, Notary Service, 24 Hour Mobile
    "Certified Notary Signing Agent "
    •  Bonds and Insurance
    •  Errors & Omissions Insurance
    We will  get to you after the bank is closed.  
    We specialize in "after regular banking  hours services".
     How you will benefit.
    Gathering the basis needs of  document signing.
    Choose the proper title for  your company.
    How to market on the web.
    Notary Public, Escrow Officer and Signing Agent
    Prepare for Closing
    Why Mobile Signing Agents/  are needed.
    We hustle so you don't have to. Closing on your home purchase should feel like a celebration.
    Your title company plays an essential role in closing your real estate transaction. Get insight into what we do, who we interact with, and what to expect on your closing day.
    What Does a Title Company Do?
    A buyer makes an offer on a home and the seller accepts. From that point forward, a title company steps in as the intermediary between all parties to record the necessary legal documents, and ultimately finalize the purchase or sale of a real estate property.
    Tamintris Robinson can provide personal assistant ,administration, secretarial and clerical duties, with computer literal bookkeeping and marketing.
    Notaries may provide clerical, secretarial or translating assistance with immigration forms as long as they don’t provide legal advice.