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Tamintris Robinson

Notary Public
1. We are expert in the Notary Public, Signing Agent and Mobile Notary market. We keep up with the changes in the market. We stay ahead of the completion with the latest technologies.
2. Exclusivity. We are exclusive in your geographical area such as Harris, Fort bend and Brazoria County. There are 4.5 million notaries but, do they have customer services, get to the assignment at the appropriate time make all clients feel glad you having TR Notary of Texas on your Vendor you will get these important response from your clients. . Why we keep with Notary law.  Something that separates us from others in your area.
 3. We are efficient are our assignments. We are faster, more convenient, eliminate hassles and you save time for to grow your clients base. Consumers and business can reach out to us immediately.
4. How satisfied are you clients? You will be delighted with our service.
5. We have loyal are your clients. You get one phone number you or your clients can call.  Because we get repeat business we love referrals.
 As a loan signing agent during the heyday of re-finances I located the big players that needed my services. Luckily, through some contacts and asking around, I found the players that needed my work. I offered a one stop shop for them in the state of Texas My headquarters is in Harris, Fort bend and Brazoria.

Notary Public

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   Please be advised that I, as a Notary Public, do not represent you, the borrower, or the lender/title company of any loan. A Notary Public is not a legal representative of or for either the borrower or the lender/title/escrow company and therefore cannot render any legal advice or give any opinion regarding the loan or its terms during the course of the loan signing. It is unlawful for a Notary Public to give legal advise unless he or she is an attorney.
  1. A Notary Public is not a closing agent, settlement agent or loan officer for the lender or title/escrow company. I am a Commissioned Officer of the State of Texas, commissioned by the Secretary of State.
  2. The role of the Notary Public is to facilitate the signing of the loan closing papers, witness the signing (including notarizing those documents which require notarization) and returning the loan closing papers back to the lender or title/escrow company. If any questions arise during the signing of the loan papers, the loan officer, lender or title/escrow company will be contacted, immediately, if available. Personal and/or professional opinions about the loan cannot and will not be given!
  3. I am bound by the laws of the State of Texas to serve the constituents of the State and to remain impartial to any transaction. I will neither encourage, nor discourage, any person from signing any document, nor can I give any constituent any advice, declaration, opinion or direction regarding any document.
  4. I must have positive identification of all signers. All signers must understand and be aware of the nature of the documents being signed.
  5. I comply with all Federal and State laws governing the privacy of the consumer.
  6. A Department of Justice Criminal Background check has been completed which is a requirement for a notary commission in the State of Texas. "The Secretary of State may not appoint any person who has been convicted  of a crime under the laws of any State or the United States for an offense involving dishonesty or a crime of the first or second degree.
Notary Public
Tamintris Robinson , is a Commissioned Notary Public of the State of Texas
Commission Number:  01168250-1
Term commencing April 1, 2010 and ending April 1, 2018 with the principal place of business in the County of Fort Bend.
Base Location in Fortbend  & Harris  County.   
 "Mobile Notary in Texas 100% Mobile we come to you"
Notary Service, 24 Hour Mobile by appointment only prices may vary.  Prices are subject to change without notice.
Other Information of Note: A travel fee, when applicable, is separate from the notarial fee.
Respectful of the Past and Focus on the Future.
Notaries Public may charge the following fees:
Protesting a bill or note for non-acceptance or non-payment, register and seal $ 4.00Each notice of protest1.00 Protesting in all other cases4.00Certificate and seal to a protest4.00Taking the acknowledgment or proof of any deed or other instrument in writing, for registration, including certificate and seal:(1) for the first signature 6.00(2) for each additional signature1.00Administering an oath or affirmation with certificate and seal6.00All certificates under seal not otherwise provided for6.00Copies of all records and papers in the Notary Publics office, for each page.50Taking the depositions of witnesses, for each 100 words.50Swearing a witness to a deposition, certificate, seal, and other business connected with taking the deposition 6.00All notarial acts not provided for 6.00
    Bilingual Assistance  upon request.
I am available to help any time you have a questions with regards to notarization.
  Save time and money and get professional results!  
 "Mobile Notary in Texas 100% Mobile we come to you"
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Notary Public
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I am not an attorney and can not give any legal advice.

Notary Public
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 Notary Public
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